List of Major Statistics and Biostatistics Awards

Internal Awards

Organization Award Deadline for nomination* Website NOTES
Rackham Graduate School Distinguished Faculty Achievement Awards February 17 Rackham Faculty Awards webpage  
  Distinguished University Professorships March 9    
  Faculty Recognition Awards February 17    
  Henry Russel Award March 16    
  Henry Russel Lectureship March 16    
  Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award January 27   For mentoring
  Rackham Master’s Mentoring Award January 27   For mentoring
UM Office of Research Distinguished University Innovator Award June 11 UM Research Awards webpage  
  Collegiate Research Professorship Award February 17    
  Research Faculty Achievement Award February 17    
  Research Faculty Recognition Award February 17    
UM School of Public Health Searle Professorships   Nominated by faculty For assistant professors(?)
  SPH Research Award   Nominated by Chair  
  SPH Teaching Award   Nominated by anyone  
Center for the Education of Women Sarah Goddard Power Award November 1 CEW SGP Award webpage  
UM Department of Biostatistics Rod Little Lectureship Award     To honor a distinguished alumnae and/or a statistician with outstanding contribution to the field

 * Please note that nomination dates may vary from year to year.

External Awards

Organization Award Deadline for nomination* Website Notes
American Statistical Association Fellows of the ASA March 1 ASA Awards and Scholarships webpage  
  Causality in Statistics Education Award March 1    
  Deming Lecturer Award November 15    
  Founders Award March 15    
  Gottfried E. Noether Awards January 15    
  Harry V. Roberts Statistical Advocate of the Year Award February 15    
  Health Policy Statistics Section Achievement Awards September 15    
  Karl E. Peace Award  February 1   For outstanding statistical contributions for the betterment of society
  Lester R. Curtin Award October 15    
  ASA Mentoring Award March 1    
  Monroe. G. Sirken Award in Interdisciplinary Survey Methods Research December 20    
  Outstanding Statistical Application Award March 1    
  Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award February 15    
  Statistics in Physical Engineering Sciences Award February 20    
  Waller Awards April 15    
  W. J. Dixon Award February 15   For excellence in statistical consulting
  W. J. Youden Award February 15   Award in interlaboratory testing
  Nathan Mantel Award Date may vary ASA Section on Statistics in Epidemiology webpage  
American Public Health Association Sedgwick Memorial Medal May 1 APHA Awards webpage  
  Spiegelman Award April 1 APHA Statistics webpage  
  Rema Lapouse Award Date may vary   For achievement in epidemiology, mental health and applied public health statistics
  Rural and Environment Research Award Date may vary   For environmental research
American Society of Human Genetics William Allan Award June 6 ASHG Awards webpage  
  Curt Stern Award June 6    
  Arno Motulksy-Barton Childs Award June 6   For excellence in human genetics education
  Advocacy Award June 6    
  Early-Career Award June 6    
  Mentorship Award June 6    
  Victor A. McKusick Leadership Award June 6   Leadership
  Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awards June 6   For excellence in human genetics research
  C.W. Cotterman Award June 6    
  Developing Country Awards June 6    
  Human Genetics Scholars Initiative June 6    
BU School of Public Health L. Adrienne Cupples Award November 15 BU SPH Cupples Award webpage  
Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies Presidents' Award December 15 COPSS Awards webpage  
  F.N. David Award December 15   Awarded on odd years
  R.A. Fisher Lectureship December 15    
  G.W. Snedecor Award December 15   Awarded on odd years
  Elizabeth L. Scott Award December 15   Awarded on even years
American Association for the Advancement of Science Visit website for full list of awards August 15 AAAS Awards webpage  
American Academy of Arts and Sciences  Visit website for full list of awards Date may vary AMACAD Awards webpage  
National Academy of Medicine Membership   NAM homepage Two nominators who are members of NAM, at least one (preferably two) from outside UM
Institute of Mathematical Statistics IMS Fellow January 31 IMS Fellow Award webpage  
International Biometric Society Rob Kempton Award March 16 IBS Awards webpage For outstanding contribution to the development of biometry in the developing world
  Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the IBS March 16   Contribution to the development of the IBS
International Prize in Statistics The International Prize in Statistics  Early 2020 IPS webpage  
National Institute of Statistical Sciences Jerome Sacks Award for Outstanding Cross-Disciplinary Research April 30 NISS Jerome Sacks Award webpage For cross-disciplinary research
UAB School of Public Health Janet L. Norwood Award July 15 Janet Norwood Award webpage  
Washington Statistical Society Gertrude Cox Award February 29 WSS Awards webpage  

 * Please note that nomination dates may vary from year to year.