Training Faculty

The training program is directed by Dr. Jeremy Taylor and is supported by 19 primary faculty mentors.

  Name Department Email Phone
Veera Baladandayuthapani Veera Baladandayuthapani Biostatistics 734-764-5702
Mousumi Banerjee Mousumi Banerjee Biostatistics 734-764-5451
Philip Boonstra Philip Boonstra Biostatistics 734-615-1580
Andrew Brouwer Andrew Brouwer Epidemiology 734-764-7373
Bhramar Mukherjee Bhramar Mukherjee Biostatistics 734-764-6544
Nancy Fleischer Nancy Fleischer Epidemiology 734-764-3644
  Lana Garmire Computational Medicine
Biostatistics 734-936-1932
Nicholas Henderson Nicholas Henderson Biostatistics 734-764-6585
Hui Jiang Hui Jiang Biostatistics 734-764-6742
Timothy Johnson Timothy Johnson Biostatistics 734-936-1007
Kelley Kidwell Kelley Kidwell Biostatistics 734-764-6724
Gen Li Gen Li Biostatistics 734-763-2942
Yi Li Yi Li Biostatistics 734-647-5766
Alison Mondul Alison Mondul Epidemiology 734-764-3834
  Snigdha Panigrahi Statistics
Biostatistics 734-764-5450
Celeste Leigh Pearce Celeste Leigh Pearce Epidemiology 734-764-3835
Arvind Rao Arvind Rao DCMB
Biostatistics 734-647-1289
Maureen Sartor Maureen Sartor DCMB
Biostatistics 734-763-8013
Matthew Schipper Matthew Schipper Radiation Oncology
Biostatistics 734-232-1076
Ananda Sen Ananda Sen Family Medicine
Biostatistics 734-998-7120
Jeremy Taylor Jeremy Taylor Biostatistics 734-936-3287
Alexander Tsodikov Alexander Tsodikov Biostatistics 734-615-6416
Xiang Zhou Xiang Zhou Biostatistics 734-764-5722