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ELEMENT Publication List: 

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Available ELEMENT Datasets and R-Packages:

Data Description: The study population includes 250 pregnant women from a subset of the ELEMENT birth cohorts (cohort 2 and 3). The outcome of interest is infant BMI where weight and length were measured longitudinally. The other variables of interest are BPA and phthalates. BPA and 9 phthalates were measured from urine samples of mothers during three trimesters of pregnancy. Nine phthalates include MEHP, MEHHP, MEOHP, MECPP, MBzP, MBP, MiBP, MEP, and MCPP. Other covariates included are: cohort indicator, infant's sex,  breastfed for 6 months (indicator variable), birth weight (kg),  gestational age, mother's age-at-birth, years of education, marital status, number of previous pregnancy, and current/previous smoking. 

Model Description: The Newton growth model incorporates the Newton’s law of motion in the modeling of infant BMI growth. The researchers proposed a statistical dynamic equation based on a semi-parametric stochastic velocity model to account for this information. is referred to as Newton’s growth model (NGM) in the rest of the paper. 

Keywords: Newton Growth Model, BPA, phthalates, maternal, child, BMI

Key Researchers: Peter X.K. Song, Jonggyu Baek, Wei Perng, Karen Peterson 

Relevant Publications:

Baek, J., Zhu, B. and Song, P.X.-K. (2019). "Bayesian analysis of infant's growth dynamics with in utero exposure to environmental toxicants".  Annals of Applied Statistics 13, 297-320.  

Wei Perng, Jonggyu Baek, Christina W. Zhou, Alejandra Cantoral, Maria Martha Tellez-Rojo, Peter X. K. Song & Karen E. Peterson (2018) "Associations of the infancy body mass index peak with anthropometry and cardiometabolic risk in Mexican adolescents", Annals of Human Biology, DOI: 10.1080/03014460.2018.1506048

Related R- packages: NGM: Bayesian Semi-parametric Stochastic Velocity Model with Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process prior.    

Associated Data Files

Data Description: The objective of this project is to examine effects of toxicant exposures during three sensitive developmental timeframes – the prenatal period (during 1997-2004), early adolescence (8-14 years), and late adolescence (13-19 years) – on adiposity and metabolic risk in adolescence among participants of the Early Life Exposure to ENvironmental Toxicants (ELEMENT) Project, a Mexican birth cohort in Mexico City. We leverage existing data on toxicant exposure during all three timeframes, including bisphenol A (BPA), metals and phthalates, and propose to measure polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) metabolites in archived urine samples from the mothers and children. Additionally, we will carry out genome-wide DNA methylation analysis in peripheral leukocytes at all three timeframes, and untargeted metabolomics analyses in fasting serum during late adolescence to gain insight into molecular pathways linking exposure to each of these toxicants singly and as mixtures to health outcomes during adolescence.

Keywords: DNA, methylation, untargeted, metabolomic. BPA, phthalates, child

Key Researchers: Wei Perng, Jackie Goodrich, Scott Clipper, Julie Vantine, Jennifer Fernandez 

Relevant Publications:

Perng, Wei, Emily C. Hector, Peter XK Song, Martha Maria Tellez Rojo, Sasha Raskind, Maureen Kachman, Alejandra Cantoral, Charles F. Burant, and Karen E. Peterson. "Metabolomic determinants of metabolic risk in Mexican adolescents." Obesity 25, no. 9 (2017): 1594-1602. DOI: 10.1002/oby.21926 


Description: Fused lasso method to cluster and estimate regression coefficients of the same covariate across different data sets when a large number of independent data sets are combined. Package supports Gaussian, binomial, Poisson and Cox PH models.

Key Researchers: Lu Tang, and Peter X.K. Song


Lu Tang, and Peter X.K. Song. Fused Lasso Approach in Regression Coefficients Clustering -
Learning Parameter Heterogeneity in Data Integration. Journal of Machine Learning Research,
17(113):1-23, 2016.

Fei Wang, Lu Wang, and Peter X.K. Song. Fused lasso with the adaptation of parameter ordering
in combining multiple studies with repeated measurements. Biometrics, DOI:10.1111/biom.12496,