Student Projects

  U.S. COVID-19 Response

This report is a call-to-action in response to the emergence and evolving nature of COVID-19 prepared by 45 graduate students in the Health Management and Policy 603 course. It includes key findings and recommendations related to nine sectors intersecting with health care in the US, including health care systems, public health, finance and policy. 

  OncCOVID App

A team of data scientists and cancer doctors from Michigan Public Health and the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center have developed a free, web-based application that helps doctors compare the long-term risk to cancer patients from a months-long postponement of care to the additional risk posed by a potential COVID-19 infection if they undergo surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation. 

  Activity: What are Ro and Herd Immunity?

Two values often used by infectious disease epidemiologists to gauge the infectiousness of a disease are R-nought, and the level of herd immunity needed to stop a disease from spreading. In this interactable application, you will explore what these numbers mean, how they are used and what they can tell us about the size and timing of a disease outbreak. Click the link below to launch the app!