Steve Cook

Training: PhD, Sociology, University of Toronto; M.A. Criminology, University of Toronto; MA Sociology (specialization program and policy evaluation, University of Western Ontario; BA Sociology and History, University of Western Ontario 

Research Focus: I am broadly interested in the intersection between criminology and public health, and social problems related to mental health, substance abuse, their overlap, and other risky and illicit behaviours. Three overarching themes guide my current research agenda: (1) the study of child and adolescent mental health using clinical and population-based data, (2) the study of hard-to-reach and at-risk populations, and (3) the use of population-based data to understand the prevalence and risk factors associated with risky and dangerous behaviours.
I have an emerging interest in criminological and public health problems related to technological innovations and social media use, and am keenly interested in examining the spatial and temporal processes associated with these problems.

Tags:  Disparities, Mental Health, Tobacco