Viktoryia Kalesnikava, M.P.H.

kalesnikavaTraining: BA, Philosophy, Cabrini College, MA, Anthropology, University of Virginia, MPH/MSW, Virginia Commonwealth University

Research Focus: My dissertation research focuses on understanding the pathways toward and disparities around healthy aging. I use mixed methods to examine the joint effects of mental and physical health, and social and built environment on the early onset of chronic diseases and neurocognitive aging. Other research investigates factors related to late-life suicide, using nationally represented survey data. As part of GREMAP, we use machine learning with NVDRS data to examine suicidality around long-term care. Other collaborations include data collection for the study on chronic stress and diabetes, evaluation of YMCA diabetes initiatives, and understanding how debate participation influences student achievement.

Tags: Disparities, Lifespan and Aging, Mental HealthNeighborhoods