U-M SPH Faculty, Staff and Postdoctoral Fellow Directory

University of Michigan School of Public Health
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029
Telephone: (734) 764-5425

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Name Department Address Phone E-mail Address Type
287 Total
Abramenka-Lachheb, Victoria Instructional Services SPH II M3063 734-763-3095 staff
Acharyya, Satwik Biostatistics M4317 D SPH II faculty
Adar, Sara (profile) Epidemiology M5539 SPH II 734-615-9207 faculty
Adlhoch, Julie Resource Planning and Management M2232 SPH II 734-936-6803 staff
Allerton, Tyler Environmental Health Sciences M6116 SPH II staff
Anthony, Denise (profile) Health Management & Policy M3168 SPH II 734-615-3633 faculty
Arthur, Keith Health Management & Policy M3158 SPH II 734-763-9900 staff
Ashouri, Mahsa Biostatistics M4048F SPH II post-doc
August, Ella T. (profile) Epidemiology M5240 SPH II 734-647-7261 faculty
Bachoura, Stephanie Biostatistics M4331A SPH II staff
Baek, Jonggyu Biostatistics M4317C SPH II staff
Bakulski, Kelly (profile) Epidemiology 5511 SPH II 734-615-5899 faculty
Baldwin, Suzy Biostatistics M4242 SPH II staff
Banerjee, Kalins Biostatistics M4040E-2 SPH II post-doc
Banerjee, Mousumi (profile) Biostatistics M4150 SPH II 734-764-5451 faculty
Batterman, Stuart (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6075 SPH II 734-763-2417 faculty
Beck, Melissa Epidemiology M5212 SPH II 734-647-1120 faculty
Bellile-Light, Emily Biostatistics M2030-28 SPH II 734-936-1984 staff
Bernhardsson, Brenda Health Management & Policy M3134 SPH II 734-936-1307 staff
Berrios-Thomas, Saskia Environmental Health Sciences M6112 SPH II staff
Bertucci, Emily Biostatistics M4152 SPH II 734-764-7068 staff
Bielak, Lawrence (profile) Epidemiology M5515 SPH II 734-647-4162 faculty
Bladowski, Breanna Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Boehnke, Michael L (profile) Biostatistics M4108 SPH II 734-936-1001 faculty
Bondarenko, Irina Biostatistics M2541 SPH II 734-936-9848 staff
Boughton, Andrew Biostatistics Temp Cubicle SPH II 734-615-6833 staff
Boulton, Matthew (profile) EPID / ADM M5208 SPH II 734-936-1623 faculty
Branstrom, Rose Environmental Health Sciences M6240 SPH II 734-764-4345 staff
Brant, Ashley Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-615-6767 staff
Braun, Thomas (profile) Biostatistics M4063 SPH II 734-936-9844
Brouwer, Andrew (profile) Epidemiology 5073 SPH II faculty
Brown, Morton B (profile) Biostatistics M4039 SPH II 734-936-0992 faculty
Bu, Fan Biostatistics SPH II M4015 faculty
Buchwalder, Kyle Epidemiology M1151 SPH II post-doc
Buswinka, Anna Epidemiology M5017 SPH II 734-615-2548 staff
Buxton, Miatta (profile) Epidemiology M5009 SPH II 734-763-7862 faculty
Callear, Amy Epidemiology M5626 SPH II 734-615-6979 staff
Campredon, Lora Epidemiology M5626 SPH II 734-763-7155 staff
Carlson, Brad Epidemiology M5232 SPH II 734-763-2970 staff
Caron, Sean Biostatistics M4331a SPH II 734-615-8173 staff
Cessna, John Computing Services M3071 SPH II 734-763-1129 staff
Charles, Simone (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6216 SPH II 734-764-4550 faculty
Chedid, Khalil Epidemiology M5146 SPH II 734-647-4723 staff
Chen, Canyi Biostatistics SPH II M4153 post-doc
Cheng, Caroline Epidemiology M5118 SPH II staff
Choi, Eunkyeong Nutritional Sciences M7027 SPH II staff
Choi, Seo Youn Health Management & Policy M3041 SPH II staff
Chu, Zijin Epidemiology M5626 SPH II 734-763-3580 staff
Cockell, Scarlet Epidemiology M5226, SPH II 734-615-5899 staff
Colbert, Joseph Biostatistics M2030-06 SPH II 734-615-9813 faculty
Comstock, Matthew (profile) Health Management & Policy M3055 SPH II faculty
Contreras, Jesse Epidemiology M5063, SPH II post-doc
Cook, Destiny Marketing & Communications M1521 SPH II staff
Creary, Melissa (profile) Health Management & Policy M3126 SPH II 734-615-3720 faculty
Cronenwett, Anna Epidemiology M5112 SPH II 734-764-5462 staff
Crowder, Abigail Epidemiology M5112 SPH II 734-615-9209 staff
Cunningham, Bob Marketing & Communications M1521 SPH II staff
D'Souza, Jennifer Epidemiology M5525 SPH II 734-615-9207 staff
Daltuva, Judith Environmental Health Sciences M6234 SPH II 734-936-0756 staff
Daniels, Charlita Health Management & Policy M3541 SPH II 734-647-1925 staff
David, Ifeolu (profile) Epidemiology M5071, SPH II faculty
Debbie, Novak-Haas Biostatistics M4011 SPH II staff
Dempsey, Walter (profile) Biostatistics M4057 SPH II 734-615-9825 faculty
Detzler, Lauren Biostatistics M2030-26 SPH II 734-615-0420 staff
DiFranco, Donna Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Dobski, Christine Biostatistics 4619 SPH I
M4240 SPH II
734-763-0424 staff
Dolinoy, Dana (profile) EHS / NUTR M6017 SPH II 734-647-3155 faculty
Dou, John Epidemiology M5242 SPH II 734-763-2071 staff
Dudley, Amanda Epidemiology M5158 SPH II 734-647-0854 staff
Eisenberg, Joseph (profile) Epidemiology M5156 SPH II 734-764-5435 faculty
Eisenberg, Marisa (profile) Epidemiology M5166 SPH II 734-763-2991 faculty
Elliott, Michael (profile) Biostatistics M4124 SPH II 734-647-5160 faculty
Fane, Wendy Biostatistics M2030-11 SPH II 734-764-4455 staff
Fendrick, Mark (profile) Health Management & Policy 300 NIB #NI7C27/0429
M3240 SPH II
734-936-4787 faculty
Fenech, Nicole Biostatistics M4226 SPH II 734-615-9817 staff
Foster-Tucker, Joshua Epidemiology M5134 SPH II staff
Foxman, Betsy (profile) Epidemiology M5108 SPH II 734-764-5487 faculty
Freiheit, Elizabeth Biostatistics M2523 SPH II 734-615-1992 staff
Friedman, Charles (profile) Health Management & Policy 205 Victor Vaughan 1111 E. Catherine
M3116 SPH II
734-936-1644 faculty
Furgal, Allison Biostatistics M2030 SPH II staff
Garber, Catherine Marketing & Communications M1519 SPH II staff
Gilani, Owais Biostatistics M2030-34 SPH II 734-764-3188 staff
Gilson, Maria Office of Global Public Health SPH II 734-763-8345 staff
Gizinski, Brandi Biostatistics M2030-04 SPH II 734-763-3632 staff
Gladfelter, Jacob Biostatistics SPH II M4017 staff
Gliedt, Terry Biostatistics M2517 SPH II 734-615-4872 staff
Goodhart, Abigail Biostatistics M2030-01 SPH II 734-936-1981 staff
Goodrich, Jackie (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6226 SPH II faculty
Grazier, Kyle (profile) Health Management & Policy M3507 SPH II 734-936-1222 faculty
Greer, Scott (profile) Health Management & Policy M3158 SPH II 734-615-3711 faculty
Griffith, John (profile) Health Management & Policy M3216 SPH II 734-936-2601 faculty
Griffith, Kent Biostatistics M2180 SPH II 734-615-0601 staff
Grzyb, Eric Computing Services M3064 SPH II staff
Hamilton, Lacey Computing Services M3064 SPH II staff
Han, Peisong (profile) Biostatistics M4531 SPH II 734-615-7439 faculty
Hanss, Theodore (profile) Health Management & Policy M3134 SPH II 734-330-2575 faculty
Hao, Wei (profile) Biostatistics M4602 SPH II faculty
Hao, Xingjie Biostatistics M4317C SPH II staff
Harris, Anna Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Head, Jennifer Epidemiology M5116, SPH II faculty
Hearn, Donny Epidemiology M5118 SPH II 734-764-2340 staff
Heningburg, Jacob Health Management & Policy 3539 SPH II staff
Herold, Kirsten (profile) Dean's Office M3226 SPH II 734-763-5582 staff
Higginson-Rollins, Paige Office of Global Public Health M2011 SPH II staff
Hirth, Richard (profile) Health Management & Policy M3202 SPH II 734-936-1306 faculty
Hodgess, Erin Biostatistics M2180 SPH II staff
Hoffman, Lacey Biostatistics M4023 SPH II staff
Holloway, Lisa Biostatistics M2030-3 SPH II 734-764-2817 staff
Holtzman, Jeff Biostatistics M2030-12 SPH II 734-736-1971 staff
Huang, Lei Environmental Health Sciences M6134 SPH II staff
Huang, Suiyuan Biostatistics M2030-16 SPH II 734-647-3166 staff
Hutton, David (profile) Health Management & Policy M3515 SPH II 734-936-1214 faculty
Huyghe, Jeroen Biostatistics M4537 SPH II 734-647-7559 staff
Ignacio, Rose Biostatistics M2030-18 SPH II 734-764-4113 staff
Jarman, Holly (profile) Health Management & Policy M3523 SPH II 734-647-9225 faculty
Jeon, Jihyoun (profile) Epidemiology M5065 SPH II 734-936-1442 faculty
Jiang, Hui (profile) Biostatistics M4523 SPH II 734-764-6742 faculty
Jimenez-Mendoza, Evelyn Epidemiology M5158 SPH II staff
Jobe, Kiah Biostatistics M2030 SPH II staff
Johnson, Emileigh Epidemiology 5667 SPH II 734-764-5483 staff
Johnson, Meghan Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-647-1808 staff
Johnson, Timothy (profile) Biostatistics M4065 SPH II 734-936-1007 faculty
Jones, Deanna Biostatistics M2030-21 SPH II 734-615-6328 staff
Jones, Karen Biostatistics M2030-1 SPH II 734-763-7738 staff
Jones, Tamara Environmental Health Sciences M6150 SPH II 734-764-6213 staff
Kang, Jian (profile) Biostatistics M4055 SPH II 734-763-1607 faculty
Kaniclides, Anne Epidemiology M5052 SPH II 734-763-3428
Kardia, Sharon (profile) EPID / ADM M5174 SPH II 734-764-4221 faculty
Keene, Dawn Biostatistics M4240 SPH II 734-647-3944 staff
Kennedy, Sheela (profile) Health Management & Policy M3047 SPH II 734-936-5344 faculty
Kidwell, Kelley (profile) Biostatistics M4164 SPH II 734-764-6724 faculty
Kim, Myra (profile) Biostatistics M3039 SPH II 734-936-0998 faculty
Klein, Rachel Environmental Health Sciences M6134 SPH II post-doc
Kleinsasser, Michael Biostatistics M4017 SPH II 734-615-0089 staff
Klimas, Emily Biostatistics M4242 SPH II staff
Kolenic, Giselle Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-615-1992 staff
Koopman, James S (profile) Epidemiology M5523 SPH II 734-763-5629 faculty
Kovacevich, Joanna Instructional Services M3055 SPH II 734-647-0226 staff
Kowalski-Dobson, Theresa Epidemiology M5232 SPH II staff
Krambrink, Amy Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Kubacki, David Biostatistics M4232 SPH II 734-647-9979 staff
Kuclo, Corinne Biostatistics M4242 SPH II staff
Kulik, Phoebe Office of Public Health Practice M5517 SPH II 734-615-0144
Kuo, Stanley Biostatistics M2030-25 SPH II 734-736-5333 staff
Kyle, Terwillegar Biostatistics M4023 SPH II staff
La Bella, Michael Epidemiology M5039 SPH II staff
Ladhania, Rahul (profile) Health Management & Policy M3525 SPH II 734-936-5547 faculty
Landi, Anna Biostatistics M2030-5 SPH II 734-936-5799 staff
Larson, Mandi Biostatistics M4210 SPH II 734-764-5450 staff
Laubepin, Frederique Instructional Services M3073 SPH II 734-936-1248 staff
Le, Thuy (profile) Health Management & Policy 5039 SPH II faculty
LeFaive, Jonathon Biostatistics M4174 SPH II staff
Li, Gen (profile) Biostatistics M4533 SPH II 734-763-2942 faculty
Li, Wei (Kevin) Biostatistics M4174 SPH II 734-615-9148 staff
Li, Yan Biostatistics SPH II M4048F post-doc
Li, Yi (profile) Biostatistics M2102 SPH II 734-647-5766 faculty
Li, Yun (profile) Biostatistics M4073 SPH II 734-936-9846 faculty
Liang, Jersey (profile) Health Management & Policy M3234 SPH II 734-936-1303 faculty
Liang, Wen Biostatistics M2030-28 SPH II 734-936-1011 staff
Little, Roderick (profile) Biostatistics M4071 SPH II 734-936-1003 faculty
Loch Caruso, Rita (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6108 SPH II 734-936-1256 faculty
Locke, Adam Biostatistics M4041 SPH II 734-647-4671 staff
Luzius, Kim Office for Student Engagement and Practice M3065 SPH II 734-763-5687 staff
Mackie, Nikki Biostatistics M4210 SPH II staff
Maffioli, Elisa (profile) Health Management & Policy M3116 SPH II faculty
Manz, Kate Environmental Health Sciences M6242 SPH II 734-647-2977 faculty
Marceau, Megan Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Martin, Emily (profile) Epidemiology M5132 SPH II 734-647-4723 faculty
Martin-Schwarze, Adam Biostatistics M2030-17 SPH II 734-615-4603 staff
Maschio, Andrea Biostatistics M4172 SPH II 734-615-4872 staff
Mashburn, Wendy Biostatistics M4234 SPH II 734-647-1018 staff
Masotti, Maria (profile) Biostatistics M4509 SPH II faculty
McAdory-Kim, Sara Epidemiology 5218 SPH II 734-647-5897 staff
McCamant, Holly Biostatistics M4234 SPH II 734-936-2662 staff
McCullough, Jeffrey (profile) Health Management & Policy M3110 SPH II faculty
McCune, Trevin Biostatistics SPH II M4242 staff
Mehta, Divya Epidemiology M5417 SPH II 734-647-1120 staff
Messer, Kassandra Biostatistics M4232 SPH II 734-615-9706 staff
Monto, Arnold (profile) Epidemiology M5156 SPH II 734-764-5453 faculty
Moore, Dustin Computing Services M3064 SPH II staff
Morgan, Jillian Epidemiology M5216 SPH II 734-936-1590 staff
Morgenstern, Hal (profile) Epidemiology M5164 SPH II 734-764-5214 faculty
Morrison, Jean (profile) Biostatistics M4148 SPH II 734-764-5450 faculty
Mukherjee, Bhramar (profile) Biostatistics M4208 SPH II 734-764-6544 faculty
Murray, Susan (profile) Biostatistics M4515 SPH II 734-936-1013 faculty
Nadella, Chandrakanth Biostatistics M2030-12 SPH II 734-647-1810 staff
Nance, April Biostatistics M4174 SPH II staff
Nedjari, Fatma Biostatistics M4224 SPH II 734-615-9812 staff
Neeley, Seth Epidemiology M1519 SPH II 734-936-1570 staff
Nguyen, Thuy (profile) Health Management & Policy M3234 SPH II 734-647-1825 faculty
Nielsen, Daniel Biostatistics M2030-30 SPH II 734-232-9980 staff
Nitta, Jocelyn Epidemiology M5118 SPH II staff
Norton, Edward (profile) Health Management & Policy M3108 SPH II 734-615-5738 faculty
Olsson, Sabrina Biostatistics M4218 SPH II 734-615-7980 staff
Orleman, Lauren Dean's Office M2226 SPH II 734-763-1363 staff
Ozor Commer, Chidimma Biostatistics M4317A SPH II staff
Park, Sung Kyun (profile) Epidemiology M5541 SPH II 734-936-1719 faculty
Patterson, Janay Epidemiology M5142 SPH II 734-764-2340 staff
Pearsall, April Resource Planning and Management 2234 SPH II 734-260-9173 staff
Pedde, Meredith Epidemiology M5525 SPH II 734-615-9201 faculty
Perera, Bambarendage (Pini) (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6150 SPH II staff
Peruzzi, Michele (profile) Biostatistics SPH II M4531 faculty
Peyser, Patricia A (profile) Epidemiology M5517 SPH II 734-763-4077 faculty
Power, Laura (profile) Epidemiology M5224 SPH II 734-647-5306 faculty
Quinn, Mariana Epidemiology M5417 SPH II 734-615-0144 staff
Raghunathan, Trivellore (profile) Biostatistics M4073 SPH II
1356 ISR
734-647-4619 faculty
Redding, Matthew Epidemiology M5007 SPH II 734-936-1591 staff
Rice, John (profile) Biostatistics M2525 SPH II faculty
Richardson, Rudy (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6065 SPH II 734-936-0769 faculty
Rizzo, Joe Office for Student Engagement and Practice SPH II M1519 734-764-8312 staff
Robins, Thomas (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6007 SPH II 734-936-0757 faculty
Rubyan, Michael (profile) Health Management & Policy M3517 SPH II 734-936-6331
Rusch, Amy Health Management & Policy M3025 SPH II staff
Sarigiannis, Amy Office of Global Public Health M2208 SPH II 734-647-0124 staff
Schaubel, Douglas (profile) Biostatistics M4039 SPH II 734-615-9825 faculty
Schipper, Matthew (profile) Biostatistics M4015 SPH II 734-232-1076 faculty
Schropp, Michael Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Scott, Catharine Biostatistics M2509 SPH II 734-615-7688 staff
Scott, Laura (profile) Biostatistics M4134 SPH II 734-763-0006 faculty
Sen, Ananda (profile) Biostatistics M2539 SPH II 734-998-7120
ext. 344
Sharp, Tim Instructional Services M3064 SPH II 734-763-7567 staff
Shi, Xu (profile) Biostatistics M4525 SPH II 734-763-5965 staff
Sim, Xueling Biostatistics M4045 SPH II 734-936-1002 staff
Simon, Taylor Biostatistics M2030 SPH II staff
Simone, Singh (profile) Health Management & Policy M3533 SPH II 734-936-1194 faculty
Skaza, Jonathan Biostatistics M4048F SPH II 734-936-4018 staff
Smith, Lauren Environmental Health Sciences M6020 SPH II 734-764-4658 staff
Smith, Matthew Epidemiology M5134 SPH II 734-764-2340 staff
Smith, Shawna (profile) Health Management & Policy M3164 SPH II 734-764-5432 faculty
Song, Jiyeon Biostatistics M2224 SPH II staff
Song, Peter (profile) Biostatistics M4140 SPH II 734-764-9328 faculty
Spino, Cathie (profile) Biostatistics M2079 SPH II 734-615-5469 faculty
Stringham, Heather Biostatistics M4122 SPH II 734-647-9467 staff
Sujimongkol, Chin Biostatistics M2214 SPH II post-doc
Svoboda, Laurie (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6232 SPH II 734-764-2032 faculty
Sylvester, Sharvetta Biostatistics M2030-10 SPH II 734-764-4006 staff
Szekeres, Kiran Office of Global Public Health M2001 SPH II. 734-763-6220 staff
Taggart, Adam Epidemiology M5533, SPH II staff
Tapaswi, Anagha Environmental Health Sciences M6206 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Taylor, Amy Health Management & Policy M3172 SPH II 734-764-5433 staff
Taylor, Jeremy (profile) Biostatistics M4507 SPH II 734-936-3287
Taylor, Kaitlin Health Management & Policy M3150 SPH II 734-936-1217 staff
Thelen-Perry, Steven Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Thieleman, Shelby Biostatistics M2030 SPH II staff
Thomas, Lara Epidemiology M5126 SPH II 734-764-2340 faculty
Thornton, Tatum Instructional Services M3064 SPH II staff
Trammer, Jackie Marketing & Communications M1519 SPH II 734-763-9745 staff
Tsodikov, Alexander (profile) Biostatistics M4142 SPH II 734-615-6416 faculty
Tsoi, Lam C. (Alex) Biostatistics M4317C SPH II 734-764-7069 staff
Tutino, Rebecca Epidemiology M5055 SPH II staff
Villamor, Eduardo (profile) Epidemiology M5057 SPH II 734-615-2198 faculty
Wagner, Abram (profile) Epidemiology M5234 SPH II 734-763-2330 faculty
Walker, Jackie Epidemiology M5134 SPH II staff
Wallace, Kaneesha Biostatistics M2030 SPH II staff
Walters, Lisa Biostatistics M2030-19 SPH II 734-936-2008 staff
Wang, Hao Environmental Health Sciences M6521 SPH II 734-615-7005 faculty
Wang, Jade Biostatistics M4317C SPH II post-doc
Wang, Lu (profile) Biostatistics M4132 SPH II 734-647-6935 faculty
Warden, Gail (profile) Health Management & Policy M3218 SPH II 734-764-1920 faculty
Warner, Julia Biostatistics M2030-15 SPH II 734-764-7374 staff
Warner, Ken (profile) Health Management & Policy M3517 SPH II
Welch, Kathy (profile) Biostatistics M3039 SPH II
3514 Rackham (CSCAR)
Welch, Ryan Biostatistics M4537 SPH II 734-763-1657 staff
Wen, William (profile) Biostatistics M4517 SPH II 734-764-6743 faculty
Wennstrom, Stacy Health Behavior & Health Education M5009 SPH II 734-763-2726 staff
White, Peggy Biostatistics M4110 SPH II 734-936-1004 staff
Whitson, Sydney Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-4455 staff
Wiebe, Douglas (profile) Epidemiology M5015, SPH II 734-936-6325 faculty
Wilson, Mark L (profile) Epidemiology M5507 SPH II
2006 SPH I
Wing, Mary Kate Biostatistics M4174 SPH II 734-615-8381 staff
Wu, Jianfeng Environmental Health Sciences M6232 SPH II 734-936-1676 staff
Xia, Tian Environmental Health Sciences M6075 SPH II staff
Yang, Zhenhua (profile) Epidemiology M5124 SPH II 734-763-4296 faculty
Ye, Wen (profile) Biostatistics M2515 SPH II 734-615-9051 faculty
Yin, Xianyong Biostatistics M4152 SPH II staff
York, Jessica Health Management & Policy 3148 SPH II 734-936-1304 staff
Young, Reagan Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Yu, Menggang Biostatistics SPH II M4172 faculty
Zamarron, Cristina Marketing & Communications M1519 SPH II 734-647-1423 staff
Zawistowski, Matthew (profile) Biostatistics M4025 SPH II staff
Zellers, Edward (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6543 SPH II 734-936-0766 faculty
Zeng, Donglin Biostatistics SPH II M4126 faculty
Zeoli, April (profile) Health Management & Policy 3164 SPH II faculty
Zhang, Min (profile) Biostatistics M4126 SPH II 734-763-9385 faculty
Zhao, Lili (profile) Biostatistics M4509 SPH II 734-763-6398 staff
Zheng, Zheshi Biostatistics M4153 SPH II post-doc
Zhou, Xiang (profile) Biostatistics M4166 SPH II 734-764-5722 faculty

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