U-M SPH Faculty, Staff and Postdoctoral Fellow Directory

University of Michigan School of Public Health
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029
Telephone: (734) 764-5425

Directions Locating Rooms in SPH by their Numbers (PDF)

Name Department Address Phone E-mail Address Type
31 Total
Taelman, Katherine Health Behavior & Health Education 3706 SPH I staff
Taggart, Adam Epidemiology M5533, SPH II staff
Tang, Huaijing (Janny) Biostatistics 3645 SPH I staff
Tang, Jie Biostatistics 3645 3.13 SPH I 734-763-1621 staff
Tapaswi, Anagha Environmental Health Sciences M6206 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Taylor, Amy Health Management & Policy M3172 SPH II 734-764-5433 staff
Taylor, Eric Biostatistics M2030-29 734-615-0597 staff
Taylor, Jeremy (profile) Biostatistics M4507 SPH II 734-936-3287
Taylor, Kaitlin Health Management & Policy M3150 SPH II 734-936-1217 staff
Teboe, Sherry Biostatistics 2101 Commonwealth Suite D
Room 1513
734-936-0836 staff
Thatcher, Lindsey Office for Student Engagement and Practice staff
The, Stephanie Biostatistics Working Remotely staff
Thelen-Perry, Steven Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Thieleman, Shelby Biostatistics M2030 SPH II staff
Thomas, Lara Epidemiology M5126 SPH II 734-764-2340 faculty
Thompson, Stephanie Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely staff
Thornton, Tatum Instructional Services M3064 SPH II staff
Tilea, Anca Biostatistics 3645.3.20 SPH I 734-763-1615 staff
Tobya, Mina Office for Student Engagement and Practice 1734 SPH I staff
Tolinski, Edward Resource Planning and Management 734-615-3980 staff
Tong, Lan Biostatistics 3645 3.19 SPH I 734-763-1615 staff
Torres, Emily Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely 734-647-8295 staff
Trammer, Jackie Marketing & Communications M1519 SPH II 734-763-9745 staff
Trocchio, Lara Resource Planning and Management 1830 SPH I 734-936-1254 staff
Truscon, Rachel Epidemiology 5667 SPH I 734-764-5483 staff
Tryban, Marianne Nutritional Sciences 1844 SPH I 734-764-4688 staff
Tsodikov, Alexander (profile) Biostatistics M4142 SPH II 734-615-6416 faculty
Tsoi, Lam C. (Alex) Biostatistics M4317C SPH II 734-764-7069 staff
Tu, Yihsuan Biostatistics M2030 staff
Tucker, Heather Health Behavior & Health Education Working remotely post-doc
Tutino, Rebecca Epidemiology M5055 SPH II staff

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