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Michael Boehnke

Michael Boehnke, PhD

  • Richard G. Cornell Distinguished University Professor of Biostatistics

Dr. Boehnke is Director of the University of Michigan Center for Statistical Genetics and Genome Science Training Program, a member of the National Academy of Medicine, and a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He did his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Oregon and his PhD in Biomathematics at UCLA. He has been on the faculty at Michigan since 1984. Dr. Boehnke's research addresses problems of study design and statistical analysis of human genetic data with a particular emphasis on statistical methods for human gene mapping. His current focus is on disease and trait association studies based on genome sequence and genotype-array data. He is a principal investigator of the Finland-United States Investigation of NIDDM (FUSION) study of the genetics of type 2 diabetes. He is a founder and steering committee member of the DIAGRAM (type 2 diabetes), DIAMANTE (type 2 diabetes), MAGIC (glucose and insulin traits), GIANT (anthropometric traits), and Global Lipids genome-wide association meta-analysis consortia. Dr. Boehnke has >400 refereed publications and has chaired or co-chaired 24 doctoral committees and supervised 12 post-doctoral fellows; 28 of these 36 trainees went directly to faculty positions at major research universities.

  • PhD, University of California Los Angeles 1983
  • BA Honors College, University of Oregon 1977

Research Interests:
Statistical and computational human genetics, type 2 diabetes and related traits

Research Projects:
Boehnke and his colleagues and trainees develop statistical methods and computational tools to analyze human genetic data, with a particular focus on human gene mapping (PI, R01 HG009976)

Boehnke and his colleagues and trainees seek to better understand the genetic basis of type 2 diabetes and related traits through their own studies and by assembling large genetic consortia that analyze data on millions of study participants and have identified thousands of disease and trait loci (PI, U01 DK062370)

Boehnke and his colleagues seek to bring together and make accessible and usable genetic, genomic, and phenotypic data relevant to type 2 diabetes and related traits through the Accelerating Medicines Partnership Common Metabolic Diseases Knowledge Portal (Multi PI, UM1 DK105554)

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