Faculty Profile

Ernest Harbug

Ernest Harburg, PhD, MA, BSS

  • Research Scientist Emeritus, Epidemiology
  • Research Scientist Emeritus, Psychology

    1985-2002: Visiting Scholar, Department of Psychology, New York University
    1983-present: Director, The Musical Theater Foundation, New York City
    1982-present: President, The Yip Harburg Foundation, New York City
    1973-present: Senior Research Scientist (Emeritus), Epidemiology and Psychology Departments, School of Public Health, The University of Michigan
    1964-present: Director, Program for Urban Health Research, University of Michigan
    1970-2004: President, Del Rio Bar, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan
    1964-1970: Associate Professor, School of Nursing, The University of Michigan
    1957-1964: Study Director, Institute for Social Research, The University of Michigan
    1954-1957: Research Assistant, Wisconsin State Department of Public Welfare
    1953: Research Assistant, Rural Welfare Department, Council for Rural Welfare, Caracas, Venezuela

    • PhD, Social Psychology, University of Michigan, 1962
    • MA, Cultural Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, 1956
    • BSS, History, College of the City of New York, 1951

    Email: e@yipharburg.com 

    Areas of Expertise: Mental Health