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The state of research

The commitment to public health begins right here in Michigan

The University of Michigan stands out as a premier public research institution and, within it, the School of Public Health is recognized as an epicenter of innovative research and excellence in education. Last year, Michigan Public Health topped $100 million in research expenditures, boasting the highest research expenditure per faculty member across the university.

Dean F. DuBois Bowman

Uplifting residents, neighborhoods and communities throughout Michigan

Dean F. DuBois Bowman

The University of Michigan School of Public Health is working to uplift residents, neighborhoods and communities throughout Michigan. This takes many shapes, including a project to improve the workplace and living conditions for Michigan’s 96,000 migrant and seasonal farmworkers; research to quantify the impact of environmental exposures in our state on cancer risk; a pilot project to provide guaranteed monthly payments to individuals in Ann Arbor who have low incomes; and much more.

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Sara Adar's research informs the EPA and helps safeguard kids

‘Changing the world because of my science’

Sara Adar jokes that her kids have grown tired of her antics—as she puts it, they are “very much over me.” Although her 14-year-old twins still call her “Science Mom,” they no longer participate when she stops the car at a moment’s notice to go play in traffic, testing some level of environmental disturbance. Fortunately for the rest of us, Adar is still “playing in traffic.”

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Exploring environmental equity and impacts on human health

Environmental health experts at the University of Michigan School of Public Health are immersed in understanding the connection between the health of individuals and communities and the environment—whether it’s the air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat, products we use or places we live and work.