Symposium 2008 Women in Bioscience


This event was organized by the Griffith Leadership Center in partnership with the Women's Health Program at the University of Michigan Health System, Catalyst and the Council on Women in Healthcare Leadership.
Over 300 participants came from 12 states and 46 cities, representing 4 bioscience companies, 13 health care delivery systems/hospitals, 18 departments within the health system, 24 units and schools from the university and 7 colleges and universities. The event featured a small group dinner, networking breakfast, symposium and small group work sessions.

Keynote Speaker

Marianne Udow-Phillips, M.H.S.A.
Director, Center for Healthcare Quality & Transformation
University of Michigan

States of the Knowledge - Research Presentations

Ilene Lang, MBA 
President, Catalyst Diversity and Executive Leadership

Lois Joy, PhD
Director in Research, Catalyst Women in Leadership in Bioscience, Medicine and Nursing

Paula Lantz, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Health Management and Policy
School of Public Health, University of Michigan
Women in Leadership in Health Care and Public Health Administration

Small Group Work Sessions

Organizational Change Facilitator:
Pat Warner
Associate Hospital Director
The University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers
Chief Administrative Officer
C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Women's Hospital

Education and Training Facilitator:
Caroline Gaither
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Social and Administrative Sciences
U-M College of Pharmacy

Research Development Facilitator:
Kathleen Wade
Assistant Dean of Hospital Social Work Services
Research Assistant Professor of Social Work
U-M School of Social Work

Leadership Development Facilitator:
Karin Muraszko
Professor and Chair
Neurosurgery, U-M Medical School