Who We Are

The GLC is based in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health and represents one of the largest concentrations of expertise in health management and policy in the United States. It was launched in 2006 to amplify the excellence and increase the reach of the nationally-renowned Health Management and Policy program, a consistently top-ranked Health Care Management graduate program in the United States for over twenty years by U.S. News and World Report. The GLC is composed of an Advisory Board, a Faculty Director, Steering Committee, Staff and Students. 

Health Management & Policy Program

John GriffithThe Griffith Leadership Center is named in honor of Professor John R. Griffith, M.B.A., F.A.C.H.E., Andrew Pattullo Collegiate Professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy. Professor Griffith is author of the seminal textbook on high-performing healthcare systems and architect of graduate curricula in health care management.

The Griffith Leadership Center: 

  • Utilizes research to promote and support excellence in health policy and management education and practice
  • Creates opportunities for student interaction with and learning from recognized health management and policy leaders
  • Strengthens leadership development and career success among health management and policy practitioners and faculty through opportunities for lifelong learning and knowledge exchange


Cultivating exceptional leaders who accept the challenge to transform health and healthcare for the 21st century.


To promote and support excellence in health management and policy leaders by strengthening the connections among research, teaching and practice.


The GLC provides opportunities for HMP Faculty to gather and test research ideas, access new sources of data and enrich the research enterprise in industry by creating new relationships and supporting industry-academic dialogue that will result in better research that is quickly shared with decision makers who can put HMP ideas and evidence into practice.


The GLC helps connect students to the field of practice in many ways, including: bringing practice and policy experts to students; hosting Leadership Fellows; and providing networking opportunities for students with visiting leaders. In addition, the GLC directly facilitates connections for student summer internships and supports innovative experiential learning courses.


The GLC creates ongoing support for its alumni and other interested professionals in health management and policy to foster individual professional development against the backdrop of the nation's complex and evolving health system.