Global Health in Health Management & Policy (GHMP)

A great experience for those interested in health services and health policy in a global context.

  • Global health is exciting, growing, diverse, and competitive. The HMP Global Health Program prepares a small number of students to work in global health policy and management, either in the United States or abroad. The HMP global health degree is pursued by a small set of students within the larger MHSA and MPH programs, chosen at admission, who are training to apply their health management and policy skills in a range of international contexts. Students will combine the general skills of the HMP MPH/MHSA with coursework and internships that give them a broad understanding of health policy and management issues around the world and practical experience of health policy and management in a specific healthcare system, non-governmental organization, or international organization.
  • Many HMP faculty members have active research agendas regarding health systems and health policy in other nations, including both developing and developed countries. These professors bring their knowledge and experience into the classroom, and hire students as research assistants on their project.
  • The HMP core curriculum, while primarily focuses on the U.S., provides students with a broad set of competencies and skills that are applicable to multiple countries and contexts. Students leave the program with a deep knowledge of core issues in health systems and public health, and a broad set of analytical, communication, and leadership skills that are transferable and applicable across countries.
  • The curriculum includes several courses that focus on health systems and services issues in other countries. In many core courses, students also examine the U.S. health system in a comparative context, relative to other nations.
  • Each year, several HMP students go abroad to do their summer internships. Recent examples include NGOs in India, Rwanda, and Kenya; the United Kingdom National Health Service Fife in Scotland; the Strategic Health Authority in England; the Council of Women World Leaders in Finland; and the World Health Organization in Geneva.