Public Health IDEAS for Preventing Firearm Injuries

Firearm injury and death — as a result of interpersonal violence, suicide, and unintentional shootings — has become a persistent and pressing public health crisis in the US. The causes are complex, involving factors across the ecological spectrum from individual behavior to policy-related issues. Through our collective efforts, we will help understand, respond to, and prevent firearm injury and death.

We will approach this problem through a public health lens that promotes prevention through data-driven and evidence-based intervention, engages community members and other stakeholders, and centers health equity across populations at risk for firearm injury.

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Pilot Studies

A core element of the Public Health IDEAS for Preventing Firearm Injuries initiative is funding research pilot studies to stimulate interest and engagement in firearm research within the University of Michigan School of Public Health community. Unlike traditional pilot mechanisms, these awards are intentionally flexible to address impediments to transitioning to firearm research. This allows us to identify creative opportunities for researchers to join the initiative and support research connections to firearm injury prevention. 

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Faculty Leadership

Justin HeinzeJustin Heinze
Associate Professor, Health Behavior and Health Education

Heinze's research interests include developmental transitions, social exclusion/ostracism, school safety and longitudinal data methodology. Current projects examine the social determinants of health and risk behavior in adolescence and emerging adulthood, including substance use, anxiety, and youth violence.

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