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Comorbidity between mental disorders and medical conditions is the rule, rather than the exception.

brainMental disorders and psychological distress influence the development, prognosis, course, and self-management of leading causes of medical morbidity (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, cancer). Despite this intrinsic linkage, mental and physical health are often siloed in research, clinical care, and scientific training. This lack of integration causes inefficiencies in the growth of scientific knowledge and fosters a piecemeal approach to health that fails to meet the needs of persons with co-occurring mental and physical health conditions. 

The Michigan Integrative Well-Being and Inequality (MIWI) Training Program meets the crucial need for a more comprehensive approach for research training in mental and physical health. It is the sole NIH-funded program focused on building methodological expertise on the intersection of mental and physical health. Additionally, it is one of a small number of training opportunities designed to address the methodologic skills needed to investigate health disparities as it relates to this intersection.