Cindy Leung

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COVID-19 Makes Clear the Need to Address Social Determinants of Health

New article from Julia Wolfson and Cindy Leung

In an editorial for Annals of Family Medicine, University of Michigan School of Public Health experts Julia Wolfson and Cindy Leung argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has made glaringly apparent the structural conditions that underlie inequities in health in the United States

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Coronavirus Pandemic Worsens Food Insecurity for Low-Income Adults

New research from Julia Wolfson and Cindy Leung

As states started closing schools and issuing stay-home orders in March because of the coronavirus, four out of 10 low-income Americans were already struggling to afford enough food for their households, according to a new study from University of Michigan School of Public Health researchers.

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For Children, Food Insecurity Means Not Only Hunger but Also Stress, Sadness

New Research from Cindy Leung

Parents who experience food insecurity might think they're protecting their children from their family's food situation by eating less or different foods so their children can be spared, but a new study from assistant professor of Nutritional Sciences, Cindy Leung, shows that children know more about food insecurity than their parents give them credit for.