Illustration of medical professionals playing basketball.

Four University of Michigan teams selected for virtual tournament of science

Anyone can vote to help studies on brain cancer, heart transplant, dementia care and deadly fungal infections advance in STAT Madness 2024

For basketball fans, it's almost time for March Madness, as teams vie to make the brackets of 68 teams that will compete for the national titles in men's and women's hoops. But for biomedical researchers, this month is time for STAT Madness, the virtual tournament of science. And four University of Michigan research teams have already made the bracket of 64 teams selected by editors at STAT News.


Multiple periods of loneliness may add up to higher mortality risk

New research from Xuexin Yu and Lindsay Kobayashi

Working from well-established research on the detrimental health effects of loneliness, University of Michigan researchers set out to study whether feeling lonely at multiple times through the years leads to more serious illness and higher mortality risk in mid to later life.

A health care professional fills out a form on a clipboard.

Nursing homes hardest hit by health care employment declines

New research from Thuy Nguyen

Among health care job sectors, nursing homes have been the most adversely affected by declines in employment growth since the pandemic—a rate more than triple that of hospitals or physician offices, says a University of Michigan School of Public Health researcher.