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From nutrigenomics and epigenetics to the clinical and community translation of nutritional science, the faculty in the Department of Nutritional Sciences provide a breadth of knowledge, skills, research opportunities, and hands-on experiences to our students. Our award winning Nutritional Sciences faculty have received federal and institutional support for nutrition-related centers that support collaborative research and training in nutrition and child obesity through the U-M’s Momentum Center, the Children’s Environmental Health & Disease Prevention Center, as well as the Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center. Learn more about their research and academic interests as you explore their faculty profiles, news placements, podcast episodes. and thought-leadership pieces.

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Nutritional Sciences faculty and researchers are internationally known for excellence in their field.

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Nutrition Counseling and Wellness Center

The School of Public Health Nutrition Counseling Center (SPH NCC) is open to all UM students and is sponsored by the Department of Nutritional Sciences as part of their dietetics training model. 

The SPH NCC is a peer-to-peer nutrition counseling program where Master’s level dietetic students meet individually with clients seeking nutrition counseling under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Peer-to-peer counseling allows the student counselor to build confidence and self-esteem in a safe environment, while connecting and engaging with their peers. Student counselors will use a Motivational Interviewing approach to guide sessions. Examples of counseling session topics include better meal planning, eating tips for increased energy, grocery shopping tips, eating on a budget, digestive issues, or overcoming barriers that prevent better nutrition.

Appointments are generally 30-45 minutes and can be via Zoom or in-person at the SPH NCC Wellness Center space located in SPH II room 5327. Additional information can be found in our FAQs. If you’d like to make an appointment please go to our Acuity Scheduling platform.

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