About The Online MPH Program

The opportunity to earn a degree from Michigan Public Health is now accessible online.

The Population and Health Sciences curriculum meets the emerging needs of an increasingly intersectional health landscape by addressing public health issues with insight from a variety of sectors like academia, industry, health care, government, and other stakeholder fields. Students are equipped with a foundational knowledge from the various disciplines of public health and develop expertise in those and other emerging subjects within the field such as precision health, health data, sustainability, population health and more through elective series tailored to the individual’s goals. By focusing on health at the population level, students connect practice with policy to aim for change whose impacts have a greater reach.

Our online degree offerings allow learners from around the globe to benefit from a University of Michigan education and our world class public health faculty from wherever they are located. The flexibility of the online curriculum provides an avenue for busy working professionals to fit higher learning into their lives and advance their careers.  

“One of the best features of the program is the fact that the schedule is so flexible. I could do the work where and when I needed to. I was frequently doing Zoom meetings in airport lounges or doing homework in the back of Ubers. The demand was never so much that I had to stop my job, and I have a family with children, so I'm able to do all these things at the same time.”

—Hassan Azar, online MPH ‘21 

Michigan Public Health currently offers a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Population and Health Science fully online. At this time, the online MPH is only open to admitted United States citizens and residents.

Learn more about the degree and discover how the MPH could help you meet your goals on the MPH Requirements page.

Michigan Public Health on Coursera

Michigan Public Health has teamed up with Coursera, an online learning platform, to offer the online Population and Health Sciences master’s degree programs. Coursera offers the technology and online space for School of Public Health instructors to build their courses and reach their students so that online learners can easily access the Population and Health Sciences master’s curriculum from anywhere. Courses are taught by Michigan Public Health faculty and supported by our school’s staff, and the technology is jointly supported by UM staff and Coursera. While the online degree programs are accessed through Coursera, they are certified and conferred by the University of Michigan. All online learners in the MPH in Population and Health Sciences program are considered a university student in the same way as any student taking courses on campus. 

Partnering with Coursera enables our students to have access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums in addition to being able to complete and submit quizzes and projects through the platform. The Coursera modular degree learning experience gives students the ability to study on their own schedule, all while learning from actual University of Michigan instructors and researchers to graduate with an industry-relevant university degree.

Our partners at Coursera also work to support our prospective students through their application journey. Students may be contacted by Coursera liasions early in their prospective student experience to help answer questions about online MPH, to offer friendly dealine reminders, or share program news and events.