Coursera onboarding and advising course

Our Population and Health Sciences students are primarily oriented through a specially designed Onboarding and Advising course which begins an online student's journey on the Coursera platform. The Onboarding course consists of a series of self-paced modules that guide students in preparation for the start of classes. This course offers guidance and resources to help students navigate the university, school, and program, as well as the platforms and technologies we use. 

All incoming online master’s students will receive an email from Coursera to join the Onboarding & Advising site.

The Onboarding course is made available to matriculated students in the months before their classes begin. They will also be able to refer back to this course and it's content anytime during their program. If you are a matriculated student who has not received information on the onboarding course, please be sure to contact the Population and Health Sciences Program Manager Lisa Garber.

While online students are not required to attend any in-person orientation session, our incoming students are always welcome to plan a visit to our campus. For more information on visiting the School of Public Health as well as COVID-19 safety policies and procedures, visit the school's main orientation page.