Mental Health

Weight stigma

Weight stigma and redefining healthy

Discover the harmful impact of weight-centric perspectives in public health with Kendrin Sonneville, associate professor of Nutritional Sciences. She discusses weight stigma and why she advocates for a weight-inclusive approach to public health.

Illustration of a person on a boat saying purpose in the water.

Vic Strecher: Living with purpose

Vic Strecher, a professor renowned for his work in digital health, discusses the concept of purpose. Drawing from personal loss and research, he explains how a strong sense of purpose can lead to a longer life, with improved emotional and physical wellbeing.

Graphic illustration of a sunflower and the flag of Ukraine

Safeguarding the people of Ukraine

The Ukrainian people continue to suffer atrocities at the hands of Russian armed forces, who invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. Two members of the University of Michigan community who have ties to Ukraine and have dedicated their talents and lend their expertise to help safeguard its people.

Gender affirming care

Gender affirming care

What is gender affirming health care? Michigan Public Health experts explore the various ways gender affirming care is provided in healthcare settings, and how it can impact health outcomes for transgender and non-binary individuals.

red ribbon overlaying across a map of the world

Exploring another pandemic: HIV/AIDS

We take a look at the HIV/AIDS pandemic, its history, associated issues like stigma and access to treatment, and what the lives of people with HIV/AIDS look like now.

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Black Families and Mental Health

In this episode of Population Healthy Season 3: Race, Inequity, and Closing the Health Gap, we take a deeper look at how Black families and individuals deal with the factors that impact their mental health. Mental health is a complicated and nuanced subject, and racial trauma and stigmas add additional layers of complexity for communities of color. This creates a landscape that is difficult for Black adults and children to navigate.