The mission of the Center for Precision Health Data Science is to democratize the use of big data to improve human health. Investigators affiliated with the Center develop principled data science methods for inference and prediction with large, heterogeneous data sources often collected from databases not designed for population-based research. Our goal is to disseminate user-friendly analytic and visualization tools for health researchers aspiring to reduce disease and improve health for the population and the patient.

  • We believe in reproducibility and scientific rigor
  • We believe in innovation
  • We believe in inclusion
  • We pursue impact


The Center for Precision Health Data Science will house a group of scholars who believe in using diverse data sources and methodology for optimizing prevention, treatment and care for a given individual at a given time.

Contact Information

For questions and inquiries, contact:
Chloe Lohrmann
Email: clohrman@umich.edu
Phone: (734) 936-0458