Presentation Speaker Date Location
High Dimensional Mediation Analyses Bhramar Mukherjee and Max Aung 2020-10-15

University of Southern California

Prediction, role of interventions and implications of a national lockdown on the COVID-19 outbreak in India COVI-IND-19 Study Group 2020-05-22 UConn Webinar
Using Observational Studies and Data Analytics Bhramar Mukherjee  2019/10/24 HDAA Conference 2019
Analysis of Electronic Health Records Bhramar Mukherjee 2019/05/11 Atlanta Workshop 
Statistics vs Data Science  Bhramar Mukherjee 2019/05/20 West China Workshop 
Statistics vs. Data Science Bhramar Mukherjee 2019/04/25 Toronto Research Day
Causal Mediation Analysis Bhramar Mukherjee 2019/04/15 U-M Department of Epidemiology
Statistics vs. Data Science Bhramar Mukherjee 2019/04/03 University of Washington
Heterogeneity and the Scale of Interaction Bhramar Mukherjee 2019/03/26 ENAR 2019
To Collaborate or Consult Bhramar Mukherjee 2019/03/23 ENAR 2019
Analysis of mixtures and large-scale mixture data Bhramar Mukherjee 2019/03/07 University of Southern California
Statistics vs. Data Science Bhramar Mukherjee 2019/03/01 University of Alabama-Birmingham