Michigan's thousands of farmworkers are unprotected, poorly paid, uncounted and often exploited

By Lisbeth Iglesias-Ríos and Alexis Handal

In this article from The Conversation, Michigan Public Health researchers highlight the reality of precarious work and exploitative labor practices for Michigan’s farmworkers. Researchers Lisbeth Iglesias-Ríos and Alexis Handal lead the Michigan Farmworker Project, an academic collaboration with community and state organizations to increase understanding of the social, labor and housing situation of farmworkers in the state.

Health care worker taking a patient's blood pressure in a clinic

Should I take the COVID vaccine as a minority?

Anita Pandit, MS ’16

How are managing mental health and receiving a COVID vaccine similar? They both require minorities to have some level of trust in health sciences and the people administering their health care. Alum Anita Pandit walks us through the good and the bad reasons not getting a vaccine—and why she will be getting one.

A doctor consults with mother and children about HIV/AIDS at Pepo La Tumaini Jangwani, HIV/AIDS Community Rehabilitation Program, Orphanage and Clinic. Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

The Future of Universal Health Coverage in Africa

Utibe Effiong, MPH ’14, Fejiro Nwoko, and Uju Okeke

While COVID stretches already stretched health care systems across Africa, the future of Africa’s health care insurance systems is full of opportunity, promising improved coverage and creative care delivery across all sectors of society.