Kelly Gonzalez presenting to a group of students.

Healing in Public Health: Oppression, Trauma, and Resilience

An Interview with Kelly Gonzales and Jillene Joseph

Two leaders in Native American communities discuss intergenerational trauma, oppression and dehumanization, decolonization, and how to be agents of healing, hopeful change, and health for all.

family canoeing down flooded road in Houston, Texas

Disease in the Era of Climate Change: Human Disease Burdens in a Dynamic World

Introduced by John Meeker

In the field of public health alone, climate change will in some way impact every area of this broad, diverse discipline. How will human health adapt to a rapidly changing world and to rapidly evolving disease burdens as climate change threatens natural environments and already vulnerable populations?

Meet Alice: Precision Health at Michigan Public Health

Meet Alice: Precision Health at Michigan Public Health

Sharon Kardia

Wherever precision health tools help us understand why people are getting sick or what makes them more likely to get sick, public health practitioners can create and advocate for interventions that can keep people out of the doctor's office in the first place.

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From the Dean: How I Got Here

Cathleen M. Connell

My interactions with these older adults were so authentic, and for the first time I truly realized that the environment they were living in and other structural factors should inform our approach to care. This was public health. This is public health.