Heart Disease

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The impact of air pollution on your health

Sara Adar

Discover the surprising links between air pollution and common health conditions like asthma, heart disease, and even dementia. Learn about the effects of pollution on vulnerable populations and the importance of rethinking pollution in the wake of climate change.

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The Burden of Heart Disease among Arab Americans in Michigan

Latifa Bazzi

Research on heart disease burden among Arab Americans in Michigan indicates significant disparities across the population, but a lack of data about Arab Americans limits the effectiveness of public health interventions to address these disparities.

Kashvi Gupta outside the Gift of Life Michigan offices.

Organ Donation: Hesitations and Encouragements

Kashvi Gupta

Most Americans support organ donation, but only about half are registered as donors. Empirical data can help us understand our hesitations, but for many of us, becoming a donor is also an emotional decision.

Norman Shumway and cardiologist Donald C. Harrison speak to the media after the historic 1968 transplant surgery (Getty Images).

Organ Donation: Public Awareness and Popular Media

Kashvi Gupta

As transplant surgeries become ever more successful and more socially accepted, demand for transplants goes up. But popular media do not always reflect the organ donation 
process accurately.

Students practice taking blood pressure on the campus lawn, May 1958. © Regents of the University of Michigan.

Treating Hypertension: A Public Health Success Story

Edward J. Roccella

One of the most successful public health programs in the past century provides an example of what can be accomplished when the government, the private sector, academia, and community organizations work together.