Courses Taught by Howard Stein

EPID666: Health and Socioeconomic Development

  • Graduate level
  • Residential
  • Winter term(s) for residential students;
  • 3 credit hour(s) for residential students;
  • Instructor(s): Howard Stein (Residential);
  • Offered Every Winter
  • Prerequisites: Grad Status
  • Description: Reviews links between health conditions and socioeconomic development in low-income countries and trends in health and development indicators; socio-economic determinants of health, including poverty and income, education, nutrition, fertility, and culture and behavior; impact of globalization in terms of neo-liberal policies, trade and capital flows and the urbanization and their growth of the informal economy; examines the effects of health changes on economic growth and development.
  • This course is cross-listed with 662 in the CAAS department.
  • Syllabus for EPID666
Howard Stein