Certificate in Social Epidemiology

Students who complete the Certificate in Social Epidemiology will develop the interdisciplinary skills needed to understand and address the ways that social factors influence population health and health disparities. Students will have the opportunity to connect with Center for Social Epidemiology and Population Health (CSEPH) faculty and alumni during CSEPH seminars, community-building events (e.g., bi-weekly seminar, fall and spring retreats, weekly coffee hours), and mentorship from faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and senior staff in the center. 

The CSEPH seminar provides an intellectual forum for CSEPH faculty, staff and students (including those pursuing the certificate program) to learn about the latest research in the field, engage in fruitful discussions about health inequities, and opportunities for professional development, including connecting with community partners to learn about employment opportunities. As such, the certificate program is expected to strengthen leadership capacities, and positively influence people who are committed to transforming systems, policies, and practices towards health equity. The program is also expected to develop strong, interdisciplinary networks of leaders across departments who work collectively towards a shared vision of dismantling health disparities.