Registered dietitian nutritionist uses technology to help people make informed food choices

Sara Henley

Sara Henley, MPH ‘20, RDN

Sara Henley is a 2020 graduate of the Nutritional Sciences Master’s of Public Health program with a focus in Dietetics. She completed her registered dietician certification through her work at Michigan Public Health. She is currently a Product Manager (Nutrition Content) at Opsis Health. 

We asked Sara about her experiences at Michigan Public Health. Here are her responses.

Why did you choose the University of Michigan School of Public Health for a graduate degree?

Several reasons. A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree was my preference over a Master of Science (MS), due to career options. I wanted a big network post-graduation and Michigan has that. 

I also liked the ability to take classes in other schools like the Ross Business School at the University of Michigan. One of these courses landed me an internship in health technology that was a turning point in my career path.

I was excited about Ann Arbor. The professors were nice and welcoming during the Admitted Student Day event. The welcoming atmosphere left me feeling confident that I would be supported in pursuing opportunities in research and other career interests.

Finally, it seemed straightforward to get involved in the community.

What organizations did you belong to while at U-M?

Nutritional Sciences Student Association (President) and Improv with Dr. Brian Zikmund-Fisher

What was your first job out of graduate school?

Product Manager (Nutrition Content) at Opsis Health

What is your passion in nutrition and how did it change over time?

I'm passionate about helping people make informed food choices that align with their health goals. At the University of Michigan I learned that I am equally committed to providing this service in such a way that is encouraging, compassionate, does no harm and provides plenty of space for the kind of eating that has nothing to do with health (e.g. cultural, social, etc.). 

Recently I have learned that I can take my passion and apply it at scale through working in technology. This realization was sparked at Michigan, where I took a course at the Ross School of Business that turned me onto digital health opportunities. I've always been especially tuned in to lifestyle medicine programs through my work at the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program and Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation. At Opsis Health, I have the opportunity to work in nutrition and impact the food choices people make and how they feel about them.