Maternal Health

Helena Helme

Exploring public health through a cross-cultural lens

Helena Helme

Traveling through rural areas of other countries in her youth gave Helena Helme an introduction to public health. Helme is a senior, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Sciences at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. She is expected to graduate in May 2024.

Jessica Uruchima

Gaining Knowledge and Memories in the Field

Jessica Uruchima

For her 2018 summer internship, Michigan Public Health master's student Jessica Uruchima traveled to Ecuador - the country of her birth - to collaborate on an international pilot study examining mother and child health outcomes.

Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins

Liquid Gold: Supporting Healthy Lactation

Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins

Master's students Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins interned at Liquid Gold Concepts, a company founded by School of Public Health alumni, whose mission is to create hands-on tools for breast health and lactation education.

Elizabeth Mosley

Works in Progress: Population Health Is Personal

Elizabeth Ann Mosley

That year in Uganda was “the most challenging and the most fulfilling year of my life,” Mosley says. “And as much as it got me interested in global health issues, it reaffirmed my desire also to be deeply engaged here in the States with public health issues.”

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A Public Health Path of Discovery that Led Back Home to Zambia

Lukonde Mulenga

Lukonde Mulenga’s journey to Ann Arbor started with her family in Zambia and led her to the pursuit of an MPH at Michigan Public Health. Along the way, she discovered a few interests and found a way to bring her education home for impactful work.